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Frequently Asked Questions

Call now to speak with an attorney:  (443) 396-3116

1) Do I need a lawyer?

  • We're happy to briefly discuss your situation with you to help determine whether or not a lawyer may be helpful or appropriate.

  • Consulting with an attorney can be extremely helpful to better understand your situation, your rights, and your options!

2) What languages do your attorneys speak?

  • Our attorneys offer service in English only.

3) Where is your office?

  • We don't require clients to come to a specific office location.  Instead, we make every effort to meet at a time and place that's convenient for you. We can meet in offices within our designated service area that are convenient to you, or in public locations with private meeting spaces, such as libraries and community centers.  We also make house calls when appropriate.

4) Do you accept walk-ins?

  • No - to better serve our clients, MEETINGS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Call (443) 396-3116 to schedule an appointment.  We make every effort to see you as quickly as possible, and can accommodate evening and weekend appointments.

5) When is payment due for an initial consultation?

  • PAYMENT IS DUE AT THE TIME OF THE CONSULTATION.  When you schedule an appointment, an attorney will explain the consultation fee.

6) What should I bring to my consultation?

  • MAKE AND BRING COPIES  of any documents, records, receipts, court papers, and other materials that may be relevant to your case, as well as payment for your consultation.

7) How much does legal service cost?

  • Each case is unique.  After meeting with you to review relevant details, an attorney will explain the estimated cost of the service you require, and will review your options with you before any work begins.  Generally speaking, costs include the attorney's hourly rate, plus any court fees, filing fees, and other relevant expenses.

8) What is a retainer?

  • A "retainer" is a "down payment" against which future fees and costs are billed by your attorney.  A retainer is a payment you make in advance for work to be performed, and is usually based on the attorney's hourly rate and other expected costs.  When you hire our firm, you will pay a retainer up front, which is placed in a trust account.  Your attorney's costs and fees are then deducted from the retainer as appropriate. 

  • A retainer can also be used to have a lawyer "on call" to handle your legal matters over a period of time.  This type of retainer is usually non-refundable.

9) What is a Representation Agreement?

  • When you hire our firm, you will sign a written fee agreement ("Representation Agreement") that defines the scope and terms of work, your responsibilities with regard to your case and your attorney, and explains how fees will be assessed before any work begins.

10) What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We currently accept cash, personal checks, money orders, certified checks, and credit cards (Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover®).

  • Make checks and money orders payable to "Mikoy Legal, LLC"

  • To make a secure payment now using a credit or debit card, click here.