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Have you lost a spouse?  Gotten divorced or [re]married? Have you lost a child, or had/adopted a new child? 

Are your children grown?  Do you have grandchildren? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it's time to update your estate plan.  Contact Mikoy Legal to review and revise your estate plan as appropriate to account for the changes in your life and your wishes.

What happens to your spouse and/or family if you pass?

What if you lose your spouse or significant other?

Who will take care of your children?

Who will take care of your cherished pets?

Protect your family (including your pets) NOW, and contact Mikoy Legal to prepare an estate plan.  We offer basic estate packages that include instructions for property distribution, guardian designations for minor children, instructions and powers of attorney for health care and end-of-life decisions, powers of attorney for financial matters, and instructions for the care of pets.  You'll have peace of mind knowing your affairs are in order. 

Losing a loved one is devastating - don't leave the people you love most with the added burden of figuring out what to do or potentially not inheriting what you would have wanted them to have when you don't have a plan in place.

Did you know?

If you die without a valid Will in Maryland, money and other property you own at the time of death will be distributed according to the state's "intestate succession" laws.  This means that property is generally divided among a few close relatives (that you may not actually be "close" to), and the law often completely excludes more "distant" relatives (such as cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.) as well as friends and charities that may be important to you.

A Will must be "valid" to take effect in Maryland, meaning it complies with legal requirements.  Contact Mikoy Legal to ensure your Will is properly drafted and executed to avoid potential problems when you pass!

Intestate succession laws may not reflect your wishes If you are married and do not have children, Maryland law requires your spouse to share your property with your parents.  Absent a valid Will, unmarried couples have far less protection.  Having a valid Will helps to ensure that your wishes are carried out when you pass.

Intestate succession laws do NOT address who will care for minor children if both parents die or if the surviving parent is unavailable Don't leave it to the courts and social service agencies to decide who should be your children's guardian - with a valid Will, YOU decide who should raise and educate your children in the event you die before them.

Your beloved pet may end up neglected, abandoned, homeless, in a less-than-desirable shelter, or worse!

Don't leave your pet's fate to chance - make sure you have a clear plan in place for his/her care.